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Trico Fishing Adventure

Fish the morning Trico Hatch!


Tricos are a mid summer hatch that comes on around July 10 th. occurs early morning and spinners out in 1 to 3 hrs. These tiny Mayflies have eluded many anglers but not the fish. You need very light tippets 7or 8 X and a rod line size three or smaller the fly’s are #20-#26. We will introduce you and a friend or just one person to this great fishing for $250.00 early morning till late morning. We have all the gear if you need a rod or reel etc. we have it will let you use it for you trip with us, come join us for a fishing adventure.


Call the shop 585-738-3285 or


We have a great fly selection for the summer hatches Tricos, Beetles, Variants, more all you need to a great fishing experience!





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